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  • Making Access Happen 

    Takes more than good intentions

    From Policy to Practice

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    Accessible Technology and Accessible Content, together they start the journey towards inclusion



    Without awareness and information accessibility may never be achieved


    Creating Accessible Digital content requires an understanding of techniques. Recognizing that the users of your content are all different is an important first step

  • Our Services

    How we can help you achieve your inclusion goal


    • Policy and Practice for increasing access through technology
    • Universal design for learning and access
    • Developing Assistive Technology Services
    • Supporting people with a disability in employment through technology
    • Integrating Assistive Technology into existing services 
    • Supporting procurement of accessible technology and products


    • Supporting people with a range of needs including physical, sensory, intellectual and complex needs
    • Developing the AT ecosystem
    • Developing organisational policy and practice 
    • Universal Design for Learning 
    • Integrating AT into the Curriculum

    Access Audits

    • Access to the built environment according to international standards


    • Web accessibility audit, review and advice
    • PDF and Document Accessibility

    Individual Assessments

    • Evaluation and recommendation for technology for individuals and groups of persons with a disability

    Localisation of Open source Assistive Technology

    • Supporting the development of open source products for use within new language communities and cultures
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  • Who Are We ?

    Building Access and Inclusion with you

    David Banes

    David Banes


    Director and former CEO of Mada the Qatar Assistive Technology Center.

    Mike Marotta

    Mike Marotta


    Mike has been the field of Assistive Technology for over 25 years and his experience revolves around a vast array of accommodations for persons with disabilities and their family/support members

    Nabil Eid

    Nabil Eid


    Nabil brings a record of accomplishment and experience in IICT accessibility and Assistive Technology solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. with over 22 years of research experience

    Clay Keller

    Clay Keller


    Clay’s 40-year career in special education has included: work as a paraprofessional and teacher for students with emotional and behavioral disorders in the United States; doctoral studies at the University of Virginia; a 1997 Fulbright Scholar Award in Norway; Support for state initiatives in the preparation and retention of special education personnel and leading the M.Ed in Special Education at Qatar University.

    Steve Lee

    Steve Lee


    Steve works to develop Open Access Technology as the effective application of open development techniques to Assistive Technology and accessibility. He seeks to apply the benefits open source development techniques to enable everyone with an interest to collaborate on creating new and useful inclusive technologies.

    Howard Chambers

    Howard Chambers


    Having worked in the disability employment sector for nearly 30 years, Howard has an in-depth knowledge of the Assistive Technology market. As a consultant he is passionate about providing the right tools for those in work who struggle with their condition. Howard assesses and delivers solutions for Visual & Hearing Impairment, Dyslexia and Mobility. 


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